a) Principal -Dr. Lana Mukhopdhyay (Chairperson)
b) Five Senior Teachers

1. Dr. Supritirani Datta

2. Dr. Satrajit Goswami

3. Prof. Malancha Bandhyopadhyay (Naha)

4. Dr. Gargi Mukhopadhyay

5. Dr. Sudakshina Ray

and two senior administrative officials

1. Dr. Ratan Kumar Nandi.

2. Smt. Mallika Nandi , Councillor, Naihati Municipality

c) Two external experts are

1) Dr. Paramita Banerjee

2) Dr. Samir Ghosh

d) Director / Coordinator-Prof. Jilkod Mamun, Member Secretary
e) Others Invitee Members –

1) Prof. Nirmal Das – Bursar

2) Dr. Manika Biswas

3) Dr. Suven Das

4) Prof. Suddha kalyan Mondal

5) Dr. Sushree Chakraborty

6) Prof. Jasmeet Singh

f) Students –

1) Smt. Udita Barua

2) Smt. Dola Roy

g) Alumnae –

1) Manti Biswas

2) Papia Dhar


The College offers NCC facilities to interested students. Past cadets have made the college proud by winning medals & trophies on prestigious occasions.


Students may join the NSS unit of the college for various types of social services

Anti Ragging Cell

All the students are hereby requested to fill in an Anti-Ragging Undertaking of each year online at