1. Year of Establishment: The department of the college was established in the year 1984 along with other departments.
  2. Name of Programmes offered in the department: Since the beginning the Department has been running UG general program only.

While dissemination of knowledge of the subject to address real life issues in business and other spheres of life is of focus, building socially responsible citizens through various community service and capacity building courses is interwoven throughout the learning in the department of economics. This department consists of two faculty members, one is full time UGC sanctioned post, and another is a guest lecturer. As a part of the evaluation system, the department undertakes internal evaluation works like class test, annual test exam etc. and the overall percentage of passing in final exams has been consistently satisfactory over the last several years.  It has its own departmental library with a small volume of text and reference books along with a collection of rare books and also provides library facilities to the students. The Department arranges remedial and tutorial classes for students. The faculties are sincere, regular, and competent to guide their students to their academic pursuit. Department is organizing the Add-on certificate Course on “Money, Banking and Finance”. The Department organizes various academic seminars on relevant contemporary issues of economics.