Mission, Vision, Values & Goals of the Institution

Our Mission:

Rishi Bankim Chandra College for Women aims to provide students with

  • Safe, accessible, affordable and amicable learning ambience.
  • Quality education.
  • Comprehensive support system to facilitate the students’ journey towards completion of degrees.
  • Basic computative and communicative skills required to excel in entrepreneurship.
  • Effective resource management.
  • Nurturing critical thinking.
  • Developing soft skills.
  • Providing equity among students from diverse socio-economic panorama.
  • Instilling accountability.

Vision of the College:

The college is driven by the three word motto of ‘Initiate, Inspire and Ignite’. With this spirit the college aims to provide and efficient and inclusive education beyond caste and creed. The college is dedicated to nurturing its students' potential, enabling them to not only face life's myriad challenges but also to surpass them, thereby becoming significant contributors to the fabric of nation-building.


Commitment to Scholarship and Learning

  1. The college recognizes and honors artistic, cultural, scientific, and applied scholarship.
  2. Professional development of faculty and staff is encouraged.
  3. Intellectual curiosity in our students is nurtured.

Commitment to Excellence

Keeping to the broad outlines and time constraints of the syllabi, the college aims to provide advanced learning experiences enriched with inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary courses

Respect for All People

Our policies and actions appreciate the worth and personal dignity of every member of the college community and their potential in creating a campus climate of civility, discipline, innovation and ambition. The diversity of our community is our pride.

Alliances with the Community

We seek active and enriching partnerships with academic institutes, industries, government, and social agencies in order to serve the intellectual, artistic, cultural, and economic needs of our students and surrounding community.

Encouragement of Innovation, Experimentation and Creativity

Idealism, innovation and creativity are our cherished spirit and the authorities regularly review the programmes and practices so that every area of the college life is continually improved and refurbished.


  • To impart quality education through traditional and innovative learning practices.
  • To create and sustain a fertile academic environment.
  • To tap and nurture talent for the development of professional skills, ideological. engagement and comprehensive personality.
  • To inculcate good moral values and nationalism, imbibing the spirit and heritage of the institute.